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Since 1988… Amplus has developed partnership relations with its customers that go beyond delivering basic translation and interpreting services. Amplus makes sure that the expertise and the know-how of its professional translators are optimized to deliver the high-level linguistic support that companies and organizations need and expect.


Amplus is a translation and interpretation full-service provider, and so words mean a lot to us. The key words for us in our client relations are Quality, Confidentiality, and Punctuality… in a word: Trust!


Amplus translation and interpreting teams are highly qualified and experienced professionals working in their native languages.


Our expertise in translation and interpreting includes knowledge and understanding of our customers’ specific areas of interest.


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Written translation

Precision and punctuality

The translation of internal or external documents is a crucial element in your communication. It is also leverages your credibility, international development and interests.
Amplus offers customized services that ensure proper translation of your documents, in line with your needs and geared to effectively communicate your message to the target groups you want to reach worldwide, while complying with legal and regulatory requirements.
Amplus provides all necessary resources, including the latest technological tools, to ensure in both form and content that your documents are translated professionally and precisely, always maintaining the quality level of the source documents.


Our independent translators work exclusively into their mother tongues and only in areas they know and understand.

We make sure that our translators have the expertise for the job and we test them with sample texts upstream before asking them to work on your documents.


You can get in touch with us at all times to launch your projects or manage your orders.

For major projects, we organize a task force and we designate a dedicated project leader who becomes your single point of contact.


Amplus has been working collaboratively with its clients for over a quarter century.

We believe in maintaining a lasting and committed relationship with our clients. We make sure that, in terms of language management, you always get the best support for your projects.


Through our international network, we propose a vast choice of combinations, both for target and source languages.


We work in all areas of expertise: corporate, institutional or cultural. Our clients include industry leaders, institutions, financial companies, tech firms, political bodies, sports organizations, etc.


We work on all word processing and publishing software, as well as on all digital and audiovisual media.
For written texts, we can replicate your layout or adapt design to the practices of your target language and country.


Interpretation: teamwork, organization
and adaptability

Events that require interpreting services are by definition highly strategic for the organizers.
At Amplus, we take your events very seriously and work closely with you, as upstream as possible, to make sure we understand your needs and we then provide you with the services and support you need to ensure that your event succeeds.

Interpreters work in a specially designed booth or with mobile equipment for moving events. Participants are equipped with individual headsets, allowing them to follow the proceedings “live” in their own language.

For events where it is impossible to set up a simultaneous translation system (speeches at a gala event, for example), our interpreters work consecutively, translating what the speaker says on stage, with a slight time lag.

This setup is used for small groups, in negotiations between two parties, site visits, for interviews, in informal discussions, etc. Interpreters work consecutively, translating short statements.

The interpreter “whispers” to the participants (generally used for interviews and feasible only when there are only two people listening at a time).

Amplus + + +

+ Independent interpreters 100%
+ Quality equipment 100%
+ Onsite intervention 100%

Sound Systems

A full range of equipment and technology adapted to your event

Digital transmission and reception systems | HF or infra-red routing | Special translation booths or ultra-light mobile equipment | Microphones | Multichannel consoles | Comfortable and adjustable headsets | Complete or partial public address sound systems | Multi-language video conferencing…

We use the latest technologies to provide the highest level of sound quality and reliability. For major events, we provide a full-time on-site technician. For smaller events (and in particular for mobile equipment), we ensure that our interpreters can operate and maintain the equipment.


Amplus provides you with the professional expertise you need, including full transcriptions of your meetings, written and formatted according to your needs.
We can organize all extra services needed for conventions, trade shows, seminars or receptions:

Full transcription

Reproduction of everything said for formal records or minutes.

Revised full transcription

Edited for grammatical mistakes and repetitive statements.

Improved full transcription

Stylistic improvements.

Summary transcription


Film ads, interviews, etc.

Speeches, recording of debates and
interviews, sub-titling, voice-overs.

Other services

Conferences, seminars, conventions, panel discussions,
summary reports, testimonials, affidavits.

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